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Tinctures are a versatile way to enjoy CBD, allowing you to add your dose to food or beverages. Alternatively you can drop the oil directly under your tongue for maximum bioavailability. Our tinctures have been crafted to exacting standards resulting in a potent, effective mixture. Each bottle includes a built-in dropper to allow precise dosage measurements. Live with beautiful connection, ease, and comfort by choosing Hózhó.

Learn more about our tinctures and our commitment to the health of our community by exploring this site. Take a look at our favorite products here!

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Harmony Tincture – 250MG


0.0% THC Tincture Mint & Lemon Flavors 30ml bottle.  

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Harmony Tincture – 500MG


0.0% THC Tincture Mint, Lemon & Orange Flavors 30ml bottle.

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Harmony Tincture – 1000MG


0.0% THC Tincture Mint Flavor 30ml bottle.

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